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The original Freeway web service! Get simple to use invisible counters for your Freeway web sites. Track visits, browsers, and more, and review your statistics in a streamlined web interface. Sign up now for a free account, or log in here if you’re already a member.

The FreeCounter Action, written by Tim Plumb, makes it easy to use FreeCounter with your Freeway Web site. Simply enter your site ID in the Actions Palette and upload—that's all you need to do to learn more about your site’s visitors.



Coming soon!

Get spam-free e-mail links on your Freeway web sites! FreeMail gives you a spider-proof way of letting your site visitors reach you by e-mail without ever revealing your real address anywhere in your site’s code.

Fast, user-friendly form processing with Freeway’s legendary ease of use. E-mail auto-reply, data checking, and more.

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